Monday, February 9, 2009

If the boss blows out your 401(k) match...

Don't panic.

Free money is fun, but if your employer is among the growing number who are ending their matching contributions to workers' 401(k) plans, you can live without the extra cash.

But try to increase your own contributions to the plan to make up the difference. Remember, your goal here is to save for retirement. As some fellow personal finance bloggers discussed recently on, even a non-matching plan may be better than an IRA, Roth IRA or other choices.

Here briefly are the key points to consider, experts say.

You can put more money, up to $16,500 currently, into a 401(k) than an IRA or Roth, now capped at $5,000 for many people. But 401(k)s usually offer fewer investment choices, which may be a bigger drawback in times like these.

Plus there is one gotcha to plan for. If your employer offers a plan, but you don't participate, your ability to deduct IRA contributions may be more limited.

Reducing your contribution should not be an option, except in maybe the most extreme circumstances.

So how do you come up with extra cash to do all this? Money maven Anthonty Delgado on lists some popular ideas. Standup comic Vince Barnett on YouTube offers some alternatives using empty boxes, wheel chairs and other tools.

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