Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finding a new financial row to hoe

Mrs. Ktnomics and I spent $6.78 at our favorite garden center this morning - a lot less than the $180 or so we've spent for plants and supplies other years.

That's a bargain at either price, say gardening advocates who tout some significant health benefits from puttering around in the back yard. But we've got less money coming in right now, so we're going with the lower price and making up the difference by dividing and transplanting perennials we've added in the past.

We aren't yet going the vegetable gardening route like some other families whose jobs have changed recently, though about half of what we spent this morning is for herbs we'll cook with later. But even putting in flowers and other non-edible ground cover can be economically rewarding. Make it part of an ongoing landscaping plan to preserve or increase your home's market value.

Gardening can save you money on health care costs, authorities say. Probably so, but as an old news guy, I've gotta think that organizations like the American Horticultural Therapy Association have vested interests in making us think so.

Our new challenge is figuring how to do this on the really cheap. Gardening economically is always challenging. But this time around we've really got to do more with a lot less, even though some costs are coming down. Recycling and using found objects kicking around the garage are becoming big parts of our plan. And, like many things we've learned since being downsized, this also often requires spending time to save money.

Oh, and about that nude gardening website I linked to a paragraph back. I suspected when I checked it out that it wouldn't be what you first think of. After all, there are chiggers out there too.

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