Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saving money in theory vs. real life

Quicken has come up with nine ways to really waste money. I think it's a hoot. I'm only guilty of one of them. I'm not telling which, though it's obvious from my picture that overspending on hair care or plastic surgery isn't the culprit.

But it points out something else I've noticed since I was downsized last year - the kind of money saving advice you look for changes when you've had a setback. I used to ride with some basic stuff financial planners recommend, which are still good rules to follow. But when you've been on both sides of the unemployment statistics, you can pretty much tell who has first hand experience squeezing a dollar and who doesn't.

I look for really practical tips and things I haven't tried already. is always a reliable source.

A contributor to recently echoed one principle I've been following almost without thinking. Pick reusable choices over disposable ones. I refill water bottles from the tap many times before finally putting them out with the recycling. And I just gave away which of Quicken's money wasters I've committed.

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