Friday, October 16, 2009

Credit card reform, can it come quickly enough?

Junk mail makes for some pretty suspenseful reading these days. Those credit card company notices about fine-print changes in our card agreements that few of us read before, for example, now have more of us asking Congress to speed up credit card reform, a new survey reports.

Discover this week sent the Ktnomics house four pages of bifocal-challenging small print legalese. Turns out it's the latest changes in our credit card contract that are being made before new credit card protections kick in. I get the gist of them, but I still have no idea what they've done to the grace period. I'll look more closely later. Yeah. Sure.

Other people are getting more jolting news. Bank of America is 'testing' new annual fees for cards that didn't have them before. Other banks have made other changes too. Some even seem consumer friendly, because banks are thinking about how they can compete after the reforms kick in. Others, not so much, says Consumer Federation of America. Litigation has already hit the court system.

Yahoo Finance contributor Laura Rowley notes that just taking a second look at what seems to be junk mail can help you save a few dollars in these tough times. Push a pencil and you might even find some fees are worth paying.

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