Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Using retro chic savings to salvage an unplanned retirement

I already realize that some of the what seemed dumb personal finance moves I made years ago are becoming unexpected sources of some needed income now.

Now some of the rest of the world is catching up too. The Wall Street Journal, where headline writers also liked to use the word 'fusty' way back when I worked there to describe retro chic financial moves, reports a growing interest in whole life insurance policies like Grandpa bought.

Financial self-help author Pamela Yellen even incorporates some retro chic insurance investing in some of the wealth building systems she sells. You want to check out some basics about life insurance and annuities before you decide if that approach feels right for you.

Retro chic saving styles are creeping into other conversations too. Old fashioned thrift would go a long way to ease an interest, insurance and taxes jam we've worked ourselves into, writes a Motley Fool contributor.

Meantime, contributors to a round table on what the recession is doing to casinos offer some heartening words for some of us who haven't heard many of those lately.
The most successful survivors of the current recession, they conclude, will be government workers, business owners who sell infrastructure stuff to the government, and recent retirees who learn to live with a very low overhead.

We're trying.

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